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  • "The continuity of the work of the Highlands Highway is a triumph for the region," the Mayor of Jumilla (27/08/2010)
    Francisco Abellán adds that "this is a failure to Valcárcel who opted for the highway and the AVE Reguerón and has not done anything to this road "
  • The CAM of Jumilla in September will host the 'national exhibition of fine arts prisoners 2010' (27/08/2010)
    From 13 to 22 September, organized by the Templars of Jumilla with thirty pictorial works
  • Football fans will have a cover on the stands of the municipal sports field (27/08/2010)
    The works must be completed before year end and the mayor has said that "housing will improve the image of the field as well as the convenience of fans "
  • The People's University of Jumilla offer 14 courses for next quarter, among which there are 5 new (26/08/2010)
    Those interested in participating can register from Monday, September 6 at the Department of Education, located in the Municipal House of Culture
  • The council received a grant of 242,710 euros to hire 15 unemployed for nine months (26/08/2010)
    It is an aid granted by the SEF, 80% financed by the European Social Fund, as confirmed by the council of Industry and Employment Jesus Sanchez
  • Starts hiring process for the refurbishment of the discussion of St. Augustine (25/08/2010)
    This topic was discussed in the Bureau of Procurement and the Local Board this week, which also made a contract modification to PEPCHA completion of the final draft within two months
  • A total of 116 peddlers were installed at the fair in Jumilla, which has been a collection of 38,901 euros (24/08/2010)
    An increasing number of attractions, while it has decreased the number of bars of music
  • The Templars joined the celebrations of the Torre del Rico with the traveling exhibition "Prisoners of Fine Arts (24/08/2010)
    The festivities of this parish will be held from 23 to 29 August
  • Manuel Ciudad Frade is the new lieutenant of the civil guard of Jumilla (24/08/2010)
    Last week was received by the Mayor and Councillor for Citizen Security, with whom he had a meeting
  • The Local Government Board congratulates the people involved in the rescue of the young walkers (23/08/2010)
    The incident occurred on Tuesday night, when the walkers from 17 to 18 plunged into a ravine in the Sierra del Buey
  • Celebrations Councilman appreciates the efforts of groups and understanding of citizens (23/08/2010)
    Ildefonso Jimenez emphasized that all organized by the City already paid and also praised the work of the area of Services
  • Hundreds of fans enjoyed a bullfight rejoneador and minced with a horse show (23/08/2010)
    Both shows were held in the square portable and were assisted by three-quarters of the square
  • Artists Jumillano, Coti, Macaco and Red Rock, music players Jumilla parties (23/08/2010)
    Morla and also acted crazy dreams, stroke, Second Hand and there was a Hip-Hop Festival and a concert tribute to Abba
  • The right side of the Rambla del Jew, passing by Jumilla, will be remodeled (23/08/2010)
    It has been awarded the work and attend CHS and a request made by the Mayor of Jumilla to the president of this organization at a meeting June
  • Tens of thousands of people participated and witnessed the Great Wine Ride 2010 (23/08/2010)
    rocks Fifteen participants were divided about 80,000 liters of wine and sangria.
  • The Government delegate and the mayor visited several places affected by rain and hail (20/08/2010)
    From the agricultural union COAG and UPA confident that governments are sensitive to the farmers concerned and offer possible aid
  • Thousands of people attended the traditional grand parade attended by 13 clubs (20/08/2010)
    Hundreds of peñeros and peñeros were offering wine and local products along the route
  • The government delegate in Murcia Meets with Mayor of Jumilla to assess crop damage (20/08/2010)

  • Developed several sporting activities in this Fair 2010 (19/08/2010)
    It has entered into a cross, football, tennis, badminton and table tennis, among other competitions
  • The act of offering and First Child Must of Grapes is renewed in the year 2010 (19/08/2010)
    One of the players was the Honorary Pisaor José María Fernández, like all speakers, highlighted the efforts of the farmer
  • The device Wine Parade will have nearly a hundred people, including health and safety (19/08/2010)
    begin on Saturday at 17:00 and lasts until 2:00 pm Sunday
  • The Department of Social Policy calls for collaboration in the campaign "For a healthy holiday ' (19/08/2010)
    Aimed at young people and those responsible for public sale, with the aim of preventing alcohol abuse and snuff
  • A total of 18 clubs participated in the parade featuring hundreds of Child and peñeros peñeros (18/08/2010)
    is one of the activities of the Federation of Peñas dedicated especially to smaller and spread over the toys and juice
  • The local radio station Radio Jumilla premiere facilities in the Sociocultural Centre Roque Baños (18/08/2010)
    were opened by Mayor Francisco Abellán along with leaders Telecable Jumilla, a company that manages the station
  • The sports center will include a new football pitch with artificial grass 7 (18/08/2010)
    This project includes the lighting necessary to ensure good sports
  • On Sunday, the patron saint of Jumilla, Our Lady of the Assumption, was the star of the holidays (18/08/2010)
    There was a mass in his honor and the traditional procession with the participation of hundreds of Jumillano
  • The cross-Barón del Solar, Infante Don Frederic and Portillo of Milanos and has traffic lights (18/08/2010)
    This project E Plan 2010 has been carried out by the need for a traffic light regulation in the area that generated traffic problems
  • The Moors and Christians parades filled with color and festive music on the streets of Jumilla (18/08/2010)
    already concluded the acts who stars in the Association of Moors and Christians don Pedro I in the autumn festivals
  • The district of San Juan will have a new public lighting which will change the fixtures 727 (18/08/2010)
    is another project of Plan E 2010 that are running in Jumilla and its objective is "to achieve financial sustainability while environmental "
  • Despite the instability of the time, 29 National Folk Festival held its activities (18/08/2010)
    The first session was reduced public assistance by the rainfall hours before, but not the closing session that included hundreds of participants
  • Jumilla has six new points of underground containers for waste collection (18/08/2010)
    is one of the first Plan E 2010 projects already completed and have been opened by the Mayor Francisco Abellán
  • Almost a thousand people tasted the wines from Jumilla in Miniferia held last Saturday (15/08/2010)
    A total of 13 test wells that gave between 50 and 60 different types of wine
  • Fall nearly 30 liters per square meter in Jumilla in just half an hour (13/08/2010)
    The rain was accompanied by hail which has caused nearly 30 interventions by the Emergency Coordination Center
  • Thousands of people are extolled the virtues of wine from Jumilla in the ceremony held last night (13/08/2010)
    ACEVIN president and mayor of Alcazar de San Juan José Fernando Sánchez Bódalo was commissioned to make the gloss
  • UPyD demands the immediate collection of abandoned pruning for a year and a half in the Sierra Larga de Jumilla (13/08/2010)
    On the high fire risk
  • Lorenzo Abellán, Montesinos and Warehouse Manager Carchelo will Launcher Honor 2010 de la Peña the ditch (12/08/2010)
    is held the II National Guidelines grape, this Saturday at 19:00 hours in the Paseo
  • The MARM resolve the environmental impact of the proposed doubling of Jumilla access from the motorway A-33 (12/08/2010)
    The work will have a length of 5,075 meters and includes the construction of a roundabout to serve surrounding farms
  • Celebrations Councilman claims that 'the holidays this year will be unforgettable and unique' (11/08/2010)
    To publicize the program has produced 10,000 information leaflets to be distributed in homes and government buildings
  • The music of the Jumillano Roque Baños and Julian Santos playing in Italy (11/08/2010)
    Thanks to the tour he is doing, since last August 6, Jumilla Symphony Orchestra
  • The municipal spokesperson plenary ratified the agreement on the Altiplano Management Plan (11/08/2010)
    This was confirmed at a meeting of spokespersons urgent meeting at noon yesterday, where he also claimed that there was consensus document
  • Two motorists die in traffic accident in the road from Cieza and Jumilla (11/08/2010)
    In the event a car were involved and the bike and also of the deceased, residents of Sagunto, injured the occupant of the car, which Jumillano has been transferred to the Hospital Virgen de Castillo de Yecla
  • The council acknowledges the work in Jumilla, the lieutenant of the Guardia Civil (11/08/2010)
    Francisco Gomez Dominguez has served on the town eight years and has now been promoted to captain, which change of employment
  • Cerdá commends the prestige of the wines of Jumilla in the international markets (11/08/2010)
    The Minister of Agriculture and Water and the general director of Industrial and Agricultural Associations visit the new facilities of Bodegas Jumilla Bledsoe
  • The council devoted almost 100,000 euros to the parties' collective Jumilla (11/08/2010)
    With that added to the 100,000 euros that cost the activities organized by the entity are allocated to the fair around 200,000 euros
  • PSOE: "Once again, the regional deputy Seve Gonzales defends the interests of the Regional Government and Valcarcel" (10/08/2010)
    "before the all Jumillano / as"
  • Congratulate department officials "for the work done in defense of the interests of Jumilla" (10/08/2010)
    Abellán refers to its submissions to the Guidelines document Planning and Spatial Development Plan of the Altiplano
  • Abellán: "Seve Gonzales has an obligation to defend the interests of the Altiplano and no reason to give only Valcárcel" (10/08/2010)
    Jumilla Mayor's reply is that the PP regional deputy for the Highlands and reminds you that the aldermen of their own party voted against the document
  • The House approved the claims to the Spatial Plan of the District of Highlands (10/08/2010)
    also approved with the votes of PSOE and IU claims the new planned route of the highway linking North with Jumilla Calasparra
  • ACEVIN President José Fernando Sanchez will be responsible for carrying out the gloss on the Feast of Exaltation XI Wine (09/08/2010)
    As confirmed by Francisco Abellán, a novelty that the traditional toast will be done by the mayor and the three speakers
  • Hundreds Jumillano Jumillano and made his offering of flowers to the patron, the Virgin of the Assumption (09/08/2010)
    took place on Sunday with a parade through the streets Cánovas to conclude in the parish church of Santiago
  • Jumilla Mayor handed the keys to the castle to the warden festive (09/08/2010)
    The event took place last Saturday night with the torch, a spectacle of Moros y Cristianos and actions of Jesus Parra sponsored by Culture
  • The Theatre of Jumilla Vico have new air conditioning (09/08/2010)
    was one of the topics covered in the Recruitment Bureau last week, which also approved the award of cash services to Cajamar
  • Severe González: "Abellán cares more about a career within the PSOE to defend the interests of Jumillano" (09/08/2010)
    He reminded the Mayor of Jumilla that "Altiplano Guidelines have been developed and agreed with its collaboration and its government team "
  • A total of six competitions are the sports program of the August holiday (06/08/2010)
    According to the councilman, has reduced the budget by more than 60% and are activities that include the participation of some 1,300 athletes
  • Jumilla have a Day Care Centre situated at Piedra Alta (06/08/2010)
    is a project of Plan E 2010 which construction has already begun and whose budget amounts to almost 400,000 euros
  • The council will make representations to the initial approval of the Plan of Land in the Shire Highlands (06/08/2010)
    It's been one of the issues discussed at the Works Committee where he also has been again the subject of the planned route the Northern Highway
  • The harvest festival of Jumilla is promoted on the beach in Mazarrón (05/08/2010)
    wine tasting was offered the hand of Mayor Bodeguero 2010 and was screened a promotional video, among other actions
  • ... (04/08/2010)

  • The Mayor and Councillor Services visits the Plan E 2010 to determine its state of execution (03/08/2010)
    Francisco Abellán says that "most of the thirteen projects have been started, go at a good pace and meet the deadlines set"
  • A strengthening of the health and safety devices for the autumn festivals (03/08/2010)
    To report these devices and coordinate all matters relating to the fair last week the council held a meeting with concerned groups
  • Rosa Lencina presents the seventh book culture 'licinciería' dedicated to the streets of Jumilla (03/08/2010)
    before an exhibition opened in the CAM, on 'Streets in the recall.
  • Appointed caretaker-custodian I boss Josep Tomas Galea, president of the Association of Jumilla Templar (02/08/2010)
    In the Committee shall be opened the envelopes of the tender dossier reception service, information and guides for groups of museums
  • The image of Our Lady of the Assumption, patroness of Jumilla, is already in the city (02/08/2010)
    This year, the religious stature will remain several days in each of three churches in the city
  • Chess Jumillano participated in a tournament in Ayora (02/08/2010)
    According to the Sports Association Coimbra, the results were "very acceptable"
  • The Regulatory Council of the DO Jumilla describes the 2009 vintage as 'very good' (02/08/2010)
    For This took into account the tasting notes for more than 440 wines that were under consideration
  • The Association of Moros y Cristianos Don Pedro I submitted to their offices and representatives (02/08/2010)
    The event took place last Saturday at the Centro Sociocultural Roque Baños, in the presence of dozens of people, including the mayor and Councilman Celebrations
  • The Employment and Training Service awarded a grant for vocational guidance for employment (02/08/2010)
    for 5 months, two professionals offer individualized tutoring and activities for self-employment in an office in the Sociocultural Roque Baños

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