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Jumilla News - August 2015

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  • The Templars of Jumilla buy a collection of renowned Catalan artist Emilio Freixas (30/08/2015)

  • The Civil Guard discovered a clandestine farm planted with fruit varieties protected in Jumilla (27/08/2015)
    This is the Albasol variety of genus Prunus Armeniaca, for the cultivation of apricot
  • Senator Seve Gonzalez as always, concerned about the interests of his party by the Jumillano Jumillano (25/08/2015)
    Jumilla The PSOE have made these statements after the latest manifestations of Senator referring to the Tajo-Segura
  • Preventive Security Wine Parade will consist of more than one hundred people (19/08/2015)
    The strategic focal point will be installed in the square and there will Minor Alcoholera information boards dotted around the city
  • 19 clubs do enjoy thousands of jumillanos in Kids Parade (19/08/2015)

  • Found the missing child with his partner in Jumilla (18/08/2015)
    The National Police, after numerous efforts via INTERPOL and request for international assistance, found the couple living together in a home town Jumillano
  • An overload on the lines last night caused a blackout in downtown Jumilla (17/08/2015)
    It caused a fault in the transformer Market, which affected the lighting for more than an hour
  • Local police intervened three kilos of marijuana in a plantation home (13/08/2015)

  • The Wine Miniferia stands will feature twelve wineries and five restaurants (13/08/2015)
    For the first time the organization is borne jointly by ASEVIN and Wine Route
  • The extraordinary meeting approve the 2015 Economic and Financial Plan (13/08/2015)
    bases for grant applications for aid were also modified to pay the IBI
  • ... (13/08/2015)

  • The trip to the mines of Celia had 70 participants (11/08/2015)
    Anecdotal note was that one of the women visitors went into labor on the tour, while performing their teacher's explanations Vilas
  • This afternoon the second edition of "Donating to the sound" is held (11/08/2015)

  • The Federation of Peñas officially presented to the Harvesters and Bodeguero 2015 (11/08/2015)
    he was fired the same charges in 2014 in a ceremony held on Sunday morning at the Teatro Vico
  • The herald of the Assumption, Marta Martinez, received at the Plenary Hall of the City Council (10/08/2015)
    The ceremony was held yesterday morning, after the proclamation, and the afternoon was done the traditional offering of flowers to the patron saint
  • Emilio Herrero, first prize of photography (10/08/2015)
    After the awards ceremony was used to present the number 12 Licinciería magazine published by the National Folklore Festival
  • The Museum of Natural Sciences has organized a visit to the mines of La Celia for Saturday (06/08/2015)
    will be guided by the museum's director, Cayetano Herrero, and the same Angel Francisco contributor Cutillas
  • Tickets to the 16th Exaltation Wine may be for sale Thursday (04/08/2015)
    The event will be held on Thursday August 14 this year and sommelier Antonio Chacon will be responsible for performing the gloss
  • The three new strands of the local police take up their duties and receive their stripes (04/08/2015)
    The ceremony was held yesterday in the hall of the City Council, once all three have passed the training period
  • The start of construction on Columbus streets and Antonio Machado will be delayed until September (04/08/2015)
    In order not to disturb neighbors and businesses during the days of the Fair and Festival 2015
  • The hail caused a loss in the Highlands of over four million kilos of production (03/08/2015)
    In the region have been affected more than 2,000 hectares, according to a first report of COAG

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